Friday, December 28, 2007

A Story in Pictues

Chris and I went out with his best friends Justin and Julia. We went to an area called Takapuna and had a beer at a bar then went to dinner at a nice restaurant. The food was great. I hate some duck and pate which are too things I secretly love but never get. It was weird because we were really the only ones in the restaurant. I guess everyone here travels for the holidays.
I think we discovered that Chris is filling a void left by Justin by being with me since I LOVE cheese and hate bench presses.
I could tell Chris and Justin were both very happy to catch up with each other. After dinner went to 3 clubs! That isn't as good as it sounds because it only took 5 minutes to go to all of them. Two were dead and one was crowded but too loud to talk. So we ended up going back to the same bar we had our pre-dinner drink at. By the end of the evening Chris had 5 beers which is a lot for Chris and these were high alcohol beers which I think is 8% alcohol. Anyway, we wanted to take pictures.

This is me doing that "hold the camera out and take a picture of yourself." I don't know what is wrong with Chris.
Take two he did better.
Now all of us!
Here is where I start trying to get a picture of Chris and Justin. Again Chris is being less than helpful.
Why is his picture face that of an evil clown?
What is in his lap?
Justin, Julia and Chris
Hopefully, Josh and Emma are being nice to daddy today because he was out late and now he is sad that his Chrissy is going back to America.

We had a great time even though we are old at 11pm is late too us.

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